I Said NO, Not Snow

The following post is inspired by Josh’s request that I share some of the sucky aspects of the job, winter shows.

While our job is pretty awesome and we both love it; we definitely adhere to the “the show must go on”. So when it started snowing the morning of our show and kept it up all day both Josh and I knew what we had to look forward to. Tearing down in slush! The exhibit does not just magically unfold and ta da we are show ready. There are a series of items, walls in this one, which must be disassembled and moved for travel. That all takes about an hour. Then we more onto the fun part, the external equipment. There are skirts that line in the outside, an emergency exit, wood, pads and jacks that all have to be taken down and put into the belly boxes. That also takes about an hour. These steps are just part of the everyday workings of the tour but when you add the element of snow it all sucks. We found ourselves kneeling in snow and slush, moving cold wet metal equipment. It doesn’t take long for your gloves to get soaked. To add an extra special flair the wind picked up and was blowing huge flakes into our faces. Just a very unpleasant thing to do. All of this was done in the dark last night, thank you Minnesota for your extra short days.

4 thoughts on “I Said NO, Not Snow

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  1. I know I would not be a happy traveler during that part – I don’t mind snow, but slush is a whole different ballgame. I guess Miss Pippi stayed dry and warm in the truck.

  2. Doesn’t sound like winter job! Pippi has the right idea–we knew she was intelligent.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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