That Face

I’m starting to feel a little bad for those of you out there who follow us to hear about the museums and fun history sites we visit.  Our tour with the Library of Congress is so busy right now that there is little time to do fun stuff like that.  Do not fear my followers we will soon find a balance and time to enjoy the sites.  For now I will have to entertain you with more pics of the amazing Pippi.  Maybe a little tale too.  For family out there reading this you know that Pippi is not the first Scottie in the Van Gelder family.  She is not the second either, his grandma Arlene had two little diehards, Jilly and Jinx.  They were much-loved pets in the family and an icon for how a pet should be.  We felt a great deal of joy the fist time is grandpa, the Big Bopper as we say, met her.  He approved and we once again keep the tradition alive.  Creating a whole new generation of Scottie loving Dutchmen.  I bring this up because we just had a lovely visit with his Aunt Cindi and she shot Pippi more than one affectionate look over the weekend.  I know that look, it’s how Pappa Tom looks at her.

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