Saturday Nights Alright

Here’s a little of how my Saturday night went. We worked a pretty long day at the West Virginia Capital Complex with GtK.   I did three TV interviews and welcomed guests all day, however it was a pretty normal day.  That is until the capital’s facility manager stopped by to take us on extra special tour of the building. We looked at the restorations and wonderful marble construction.  Toured the halls and stairways until we reached the top. Oh and I do mean the top, you are seeing the view from above the dome!

I might complain about how much we work but what other job presents opportunities for visits like this. When I was in High School I had the chance to go above the dome of the Springfield, IL Capital Building, this was much better. Neither of us are afraid of heights but I did have a little trouble one very long spiral staircase. That vertigo will get you every time.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Nights Alright

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  1. Next time bring a golf ball up there with you and see if you can get it in the water on one bounce.


  2. You two are going to know our country better than any other people on the planet before you are done. This tour is so cool!

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