Mooving Across the Country

You all know that Josh and I are on a new tour and what that’s all about but I forgot to share with you one of the best parts.  Our schedule will take us to 60 stops around the country but all 60 of those are in rural America, 50,000 population towns.  I was pretty excited to find this out but had no idea what treats there would be in store.  It’s always fun going to places like this, you kind of get to be the biggest thing in town.  There are usually some wonderful things to see and eat.  Well Winchester, VA had more than a few wonderful things to see.  We were parked at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, a wonderful facility with stunning gardens.  They had a photography exhibit about 21 yr old Elvis Presley.  The images were so stunning and intimate, we also learned that after leaving Winchester this exhibition will be placed at the National Portrait Gallery.  The massive grounds also contained something I love, COWS, sweet adorable cows.  I tell you what folks it was hard to pick just one shot to use here.  Don’t worry mom I have a great one for you!

To top this all off the cafe at the museum is a Tea Room, needless to say was a great couple of days.  And I got to do the news!

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