Look Who It Is

I spy a First Lady, not just any First Lady but the most famous Scottie Mom in history, yes folks that’s Laura Bush!!!  How did I get a shot of Laura Bush, well she stepped out of her SUV right in front of our exhibit and like a goofy teenager I ran to snap a pic.  She was so poised and elegant, did you know that not everyone knows that she has Scotties.  Unbelievable right!!

She is just one of the “Celebrities” to come visit the National Book Festival, I received a comment that the folks from Downunder Daisy that they tried to find us.  Someone sent them to the actual LOC building and not to the trailer.  I can’t tell you how many of the docent from the LOC came up to us and wanted pictures, even Pippi was posing with folks.  We felt like stars, it was a little nuts, but fun.  The best part was finally meeting Emily and Abby Rapoport, they are the reason the truck was built.  I owe then a huge thank you for the chance to take this bad boy around.

Well folks I’m exhausted and will be for  a while, I also still must write my post for the loc.gov blog.

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  1. Wow…what a great start to the tour!!! Shame another royal mom didn’t bring her two school age girls down from 1600 to see you as well. Like Laura’s travel companions. Sweet looking design on the trailer. what is it that is on the back of the trailer….can only read about 1/2 of it in the picture.

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