Tater Tots and Turning Leaves

That title speaks volumes about our recent visit to Ohio.  I had no idea that the tot was such a delicacy here but for the last week we have seen them repeatedly on menus.  Not such an exciting occurrence for those of you with ovens but the tot is a treat out here on the road.  Both Josh and I have a special spot for tater tots, one being a delicious and easy casserole Josh can whip up.  Needless to say we partook in a round of golden barrels or two.

Ohio is also filled with changing leaves, I love fall.  I am a fan of fall fashion, fall food and all the other goodies that comes with cooling temps.  I melt in heat above 80.  Here is another shot from our hiking adventure, I wish I had tons of stuff to write about but we work about 60 hours a week right now.  I am still trying to balance the new schedule with writing for the LOC blog and posting here.  With that I also must make time to shoot, unfortunately I’m sick right now and any chance I can get during the day outside the exhibit I sleep.  Enough of that, back to our outdoor fun.  We were trying to get some shots of Pippi in leaves, I was thinking of posting a few images of the setup but I don’t think I want you all to know how much I Photoshop!   We had just done a few set ups when Josh thought a water’s edge shot might be nice.  Just as we were setting up Pippi decided to start chasing bubbles and got soaked.  So I didn’t get me shots but she had a blast.  Uh talent!

3 thoughts on “Tater Tots and Turning Leaves

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  1. Did she find a minnow? We know how scotties do not like posing for pictures!

    Great shot of the waterfall. Hope your life calms down a bit in the near future.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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