Randy Update – 7/28

Well I lied, I will be posting about Dad again.  I wish that I was here to post about him coming home and that it was time for visits, unfortunately there has been a delay.  It sounds like dad’s accident might have been worse than we first spoke about.  He likely rolled end over end at least twice.  So when we found out today that he had some internal injuries it’s easier to understand.  He has a bruised pancreas and an intestinal blockage.  Zach has been amazing the last few days, he is giving mom some rest. He has been heading the efforts to make sure that Dad is getting all the care he needs.  With all of these new revelations I am still comforted by the fact that Randy will recover from all of these things.  The next few days might not be so great but before long he will be back at the Turbine.

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  1. The additional news isn’t the most exciting, but the fact that he’ll be making a full recovery is encouraging. Kathryn and I have been concerned and have been thinking/praying for his recovery. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post sooner, but please know that the two of us have been thinking about you and the family.

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