Randy Update – 7/26

This will be the last Randy dedicated post I do. His progress is steady and with Physical Therapy starting there is little to report. We don’t know when he will be released from the hospital but that will be followed with some days of in home care, we are told that for each day a person spends in the hospital it takes two to get back to moving normal. I say normal but it will be a crummy summer for Dad stuck in a turtle shell. The brace is a large plastic casing the goes waist to chest. Won’t be making too many car shows, however we spent much of yesterday afternoon looking at car show pictures. A great sign of feeling better! Zach is leaving tomorrow but will return over the weekend. As soon as I know when Randy is coming home I will get that info out.

I am currently on my way to Boston in order to go back to work and hook up with Josh. It’s hard to leave before he goes home and I know all is well. I am settled by the fact that he is progressing quickly. We do still ask to hold off on hospital visits, his room is very small. Yesterday we had a wonderful treat, Bob Kunckle spent the day in the next room. That is before his released, Woo Hoo for them. I know it has helped Mom to have Pat Kunckle right there for a laugh. We were also treated to a visit from Sister Jean, most families would be a little nervous to see a Dominican Nun leaving the room. Not us, we know that there are now snacks to be found. I have an incredible family.

Thank you for the support, phone calls, cards, flowers, notes, prayers and thoughts. We are all a part of him healing.

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  1. I know Josh and Pippi will be glad to have you back, but I also know how hard it is on on mothers when daughters leave. Your mother is lucky, like me, to have a sweet and caring daughter.

  2. Great to hear your dad is progressing even if it is slow, and even if he has to wear a brace all summer. Hope there is some good sport or shows he likes to watch on tv.

    Sounds like your family are rallying in support. Now I realise this is a family keep-in-touch posting I feel like a voyeur…. Just enjoy your travels so much….

    Now, that said, what is this I hear about Josh throwing Pippi’s toy squirrel away…..outrage!!! Suggest she unstuffs a few cushions and gets him back in order. We loves our old toys, even the scruffy ones…

    Seriously though, glad things are back on track.

    Hector’s Hooman.

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