Randy Update – 7/24 and 25 AM

I apologize for not posting yesterday, it was a very long day but a good one.  I didn’t mean to worry anyone, I have great news.  Yesterday brought with it the arrival of Zach and Jill from Nebraska, as well as a trip out of bed.  We had another day of discomfort and restlessness but around 8:00 word came that Randy could get up from bed and try to walk.  So he did!!  That was the turning point, Dad felt so much better and his body is responded to all medications now.  He has been up a few times this morning.  His heart rate and rhythm are regular, all of the irregularities were from the accident.  His blood pressure is down.  He is on a regular diet.  After rounds this morning he is scheduled to start physical therapy today!!!  He might be coming home Monday or Tuesday.

On a side note Bob Kunckle is now in the room next door waiting to be discharged.  We have a little Brown County corner here.

6 thoughts on “Randy Update – 7/24 and 25 AM

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  1. Thas wonderful news that he has been allowed up and about if even for a little bit at a time! Am sure the physical therapy will bring more trying moments but they are all great steps forward!

  2. Great news, dear. But tell him not to climb to the top of a wind turbine until at least Thursday.
    Great news.

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