Randy Update – 7/23

Today was a rough day around here, until now.  Dad had a terrible night, he was nauseous and got sick multiple times.  Each time the would vomit it hurts him.  On morning rounds the Doctors were happy to hear about the vomiting, this is a very typical symptom after a trauma like his.  So that meant he was progressing in an average manner.  However his blood pressure was high and the staff were concerned.  We spent the day trying to get his stomach to settle and moving him around a little bit.  A rough time on ol’ Randy.  Around 3:00 today he got settled back in and finally got some rest.  He was even so relaxed he asked to turn the TV on for while.  He is feeling much better and is not longer nauseous.  They are working right now to get all his vitals up to snuff and then going to start some physical therapy.

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  1. Sorry to hear he had such a rough night !!!! But glad to hear he is able to get some rest. hope tomorrow is better!!! oxoxo

  2. Hi Abigail

    Thought we had left a message yesterday but it does not seem to have been published (she probably hit wrong button – she not THAT good with technicals – lol) Anyways, have a feeling your dad may be turning the corner now, everything must have settled?

    Thinking about you – you just never know when something unexpected is going to happen – AND keep smiling.

    God bless

    Pees: You keep posting your posts in “uncatagorized” suggest you might want to add a few tags so people pick them up. Might spread/add your readership (obviously your regulars will keep coming). You can find tags in widgets. You can even go back and add them in after posting them. The Niagra pics (for instance) should have pulled in loads of viewers (we thinks) if you had catagorized. You can sort it when things are easier, when dad well.

    Catherine (and here I am the technophobe, giving advice – lol, lol)

    Catherine (again)

    1. Catherine, I do use categorizes in my regular posts and I so appropriate you trying to help me out. That is thoughtful, I’m glad you like my blog that much. I am from a VERY small town (2,300 population), the news gets around fast and this address is shared.

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