Randy Update – 7/22

For those of you that regularly follow our blog I want to thank you so much for the support and love.  Some of you are FiRL but so many of you are our Bloggy Family, Thank you.  For the family and friends who are reading this for updates please feel free to send the links around or tell folks to look at www.TheVanGelders.com for postings (that’s this site).  I will be putting up posts on Twitter which feed to Facebook.  Onto what you came for.

I want to stress that Randy’s injury is not life threatening, his fracture will heal however he was in a roll over accident.  The trauma and injury to his body is so hard to understand.  Now that it has been a few days after the accident his body is trying to figure what is going on.  He is in a great deal of pain, his is uncomfortable and irritated.  They have not been able to get him out of bed much do to nausea.  Right now the team is working to get his stomach to settle and keep down other medications.  His blood pressure is high and other symptoms are exacerbated from all the trauma.  He will be here for a little while longer as they try to get a balance is body.

I do plan to be very honest on here but I am not going to post up anything that is preliminary.  If you have a specific question feel free to ask in the comments

Randy is a tough cookie and will recover but it will not be overnight.  I am staying here until Monday at that point Zach will be coming.  Mom’s sister lives just minutes away from Memorial.  Kathy has lots of help here but phone calls and cards are welcome.  If you would like to visit please call me or mom first.

Thanks you

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  1. Understand this is all very difficult for you right now. Family around is good. Your bloggy furiends are rooting for you all.

    Wags to Randy for a swift improvement (do wags improve things?). Sincerely hope they do.

    Hector’s Assistant

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