My Father’s Accident

I am sitting in a hospital room right with my mother and father.  Yesterday I received a phone call just after we finished dinner that my father had been involved in a roll over accident with his work truck.  At the time they were trying to stabilize him for movement to another hospital.  I went back to the hotel and booked the first flight out this morning.  After arriving into Springfield, IL around 1:00 today I joined my mom at the hospital.  Here is what I can tell you about what is hurt and what is not hurt.  He has a compression fracture on is L-1 vertebra and no spinal cord damage.  He has no internal organ damage and no head trauma.  His face it beat up from the airbag deploying. 

 About the accident, while he was leaving the wind turbine to return to the office a car, young lady in a tiny WV, did not see him and pulled out.  The driver is fine, thank goodness, she stayed calm  ad called 911 then my Dad’s office.  The car struck the back corner of his work truck.  The force of the hit knocked the truck over to the shoulder and with his speed the truck hit the ditch and flipped.  He drives a box truck style vehicle, looks much like an ambulance. 

He is currently in  brace the looks like a Roman Brest Plate and heavily medicated for the pain.  So the good news, all and all he is lucky and the Doctor looking at the x-rays believes that 8 weeks in the brace should fix him.  Hopefully he will be discharged tomorrow and we can begin the road to recovery.  I have to say he looks good, like himself, just a sleepy version.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your father’s accident and relieved to hear that there is no spinal chord damage and that he will recover. Nice to hear you could get to him so fast, sure he will appreciate it.

    A Roman breast plate sounds impressive, although I know this will limit his movements (considerably I should imagine).

    So its Chicken Soup all round and no more Niagra?

    Hope he continues gaining strength. Arn’t parents a worry!

    Best Regards
    Hector’s Human

  2. Glad to hear he’s okay! Jill, Heidi and I are praying and hope he recovers quickly. We love you guys!

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