So Proud

Every girl thinks her daddy is special but mine really is! My father is brilliant, he chose to start a family instead of going away to college and worked hard to keep us in socks. However he never stopped learning, always taking classes and now he even teaches. I am not the only one who sees his amazing talent, the electrical co-op he works for does as well. He started there 15 years ago as an appliance technician and now an engineer. He designed and runs the peak time operating system but that was just the beginning. My father oversaw the installation and networking of a wind turbine. Not only that but he hauls his tale up to the top of it daily. I bet he knows more about this thing then the guys building it. He dedication to projects is never overlooked and when the co-op decided to implement the turbine be was the only choice to be on the project.

While we were home for Thanksgiving we got to take a little visit out there and see it running. I have to say that until I was inside I had no real idea how big it was. I just can’t express how proud of him I am.

I am up just one platform

Any lost words!!! Josh and Zach went to the top!!!

Josh posing for me

Anyone guess where the turbine is from!

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