Being a Tourist at Niagara

On day two we decided to come back and do more of the Niagara Falls tourist activities.  The plan at first was to buy the “Adventure Pass” and hit up all the attractions, however we talked about it and diced that all we really wanted to do was the Maid of the Mist boat tour.  Twist my arm to get on a boat right!

So we got in line and grabbed tickets, it was hard not to be giddy.  We arrived at the park at around 9:30 am, beating the rush of terrible Americans.  I was surprised  at how quickly we got on the boat, actually we didn’t wait in line at all.  Barely had time to put on the blue rain coats.

So there we were pushed into a crowd of other tourists not sure what this was going to be like.  As the boat rocked and lurched forward we headed for the Falls.  As we passed by the Bridal Veil Falls the mist sort of surprises us but it was fun, the roar started to come at that point.

Then we did it, charged right into the main fall, the roar was overwhelming.  I was a little scared, then you look at the waters the ship is trying to navigate and wow this is serous stuff.  The water churns so wildly that it looks like a blender but we were the piece of ice!!!  THen you start to get pulled towards that walls, the mist turns to rain and the wind gets crazy.  Our little blue rain coats are pretty comical when floating around.  It was scary but fun, I would highly recommend playing like tourist when you visit the falls.

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    Seriously, this is on my bucket list. Why? Too many movies took place there probably. Plus, I saw the Niagara Falls IMAX film and wanted to go there. Additionally, there’s some great salmon fishing in the area.

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