Niagara Falls, Pt. 1

Here is an exciting post for us, I am going to take a few days to talk about our trip to Niagara Falls.  This has been on my list for a long time, I had tried to plan trips there in the past but just couldn’t make it work.  When I found out last week that we were actually getting to go to Buffalo and not just that but we were going to there for days I flipped.  So I guess this tour is not so bad after all.  The hotel we set the show up at was just 10 minutes from the American Falls and there was going to be plenty of time to go exploring.  Just after we arrived in town I got a call from our home office, they needed me to leave the next day for Port Huron.  So if were going to see that falls we had to pack it in.  unfortunately we were not able to cross the border, if something went wrong with the exhibit we can’t get caught at the border.  I booked my flights and rented cars then set out for the falls.  I was pretty packed but still wonderful.  There are tons of small trails running all over the American side, we did all of the big stops too.  I enjoyed the Bridal Veil Falls, you can get really close.  It’s kind of funny but when you watch the water you think it’s not moving that fast, I could do it.  On a day that hot the water was very tempting!!!   We stayed until dark to see the water lit up but left before it got really good.  The crowds were getting big and folks were starting to be rude.  It was very uncomfortable.

One negative was the heat made it a little harder to see the falls.  The mist was viable for a mile!!!  Don’t think that effected my trip.

Look at these crazies climbing at the base of the falls!!

Just a side note, American’s are the worst tourists.  So rude to others, loud and want everything to move around them.  It’s irritating to see that happen around you and know that visitors for other countries are leaving with that impression.  I heard a dad talking about how he needed to leave before he hit someone and that his girls didn’t need to see that.  Well buddy they heard you say that!

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  1. Marilyn Monroe’s Niagara was on yesterday and I happened to watch about 20 minutes of the movie. Seriously, this on my bucket list.

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