History in Greensboro

What to do in Greensboro when it’s 95 outside, stay inside.  We decided the Greensboro History Museum would be a fun way to kill a few hours.  Honestly I didn’t think that there would be much there and didn’t grab the camera.  After arriving the curator informed us that the entire facility would not be reopened until Mid July.  They have been remodeling for two years and the end is in site.  The facility does not charge admission and wow what a deal, to be honest that is one reason we picked it.  I can’t express how cool this place was, even though only half of the facility was open it was amazing.  We started with a section of rooms set up like a famous Greensboro residence, The Belle Meade, perfectly detailed.  We then started a section of area businesses but most it was still closed.  The next floor was a completely immersive exhibit about Greensboro when the railroad came.  Each room had tons of interactive elements and you actually walk into the display as a character.   We finished with their gallery of Civil War weapons and artifacts.  AMAZING, for so many reasons, for starters it is one of the most intense collections of period guns I have seen.  The artifacts are just so unique, one that stuck with me was a regimental drum in perfect condition.  This section is so rich with perfect artifacts, it took me a little while figure out what was odd with the exhibit.  All of the displays where Confederate artifacts, almost all of the exhibits we have been to were Union.  A very different way of looking at the war.  Many museums talk about the Union victories and the battles but this was very focused on the people, the faces of the war.  I truly enjoyed this Museum.

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  1. You’ve peaked our interest – that’s a great day trip for us.

    If you ever get a chance, you might want to check out the Mt. Airy, NC Museum – they have a nice little museum, as does the town of Hillsville.

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