Our 4th the Special Stuff

We finished our 4th of July celebration with a very special visit, we had a chance to go see Lynn and the kids at Rocky Creek Scotties.  I have been reading Lynn’s blog for what seems like years.  I have always admired her honesty and love for the stout little dogs.  When she had puppies a few months back we followed everyday!!  It was like we were having new family members.  Lynn and I have many similarities in our lives and the way we feel about life.  So when I was finally able to meet her it was like chatting with an old friend.  We just hung out on the porch and I got to meet her dogs.  What a wonderful pack, I have to admit I was pretty smitten with Miss Lily.

I hope that we can come back for another visit and meet the Mr.  He and Josh have lots to talk about, even stationed at the same base at the same time!!!

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