Lovin Louisville

Had to take the obligatory Louisville Slugger Museum giant bat photo.  It was on our way to the Frazier International History Museum.  I hadn’t really read much about it before going but did notice that they were hosting an exhibit called Pirates.  So I was in.

You all know that Josh and I hit a lot of museums and ones of every subject.  The Frazier will make the top of our list for a long time, it was a wonderful experience.  The Frazier is an armory centric facility with items loaned from the Tower of London.  We started with a top floor that covers the history of british arms and how they influenced the new world and well the entire world.  The completely multi-media displays give you a good foundation for how warfare and arms shaped society.   The displays are accompanied by videos, some as long at 10 minutes.  As you round into each new section a very “detailed” life-sized diorama of a battle is there to great you. If you have a 13 yr old boy, this will blow their mind.  A few of them were a little graphic but hey such is the subject matter.

Kentucky is the birthplace of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, the frontier of America you can say.  The history of America and how it spread west is detailed on the second floor.  They mingle so many different display types and media to keep your interest the entire way through.  It took Josh and I five hours to make to take it all in; we even left for lunch and came back.  It’s just a wonderful way to view history and artifacts.  The Wild West section was delightful focusing on not only the truth in legend but how the dime novels created a world to envy.  On that same floor you will also be treated to a collections of guns owned by past presidents, including George Washington.  The pirates exhibit was there too, honestly is was pretty boring.

The first floor is the most amazing weapon collection I have seen, all spectacular examples of firearms.  I took very few photos here, the lighting was to tough for me and I was so engrossed.  They also have a stage where re-enactors do presentations throughout the day.  Five stars here folks, we are still talking about the facility today!

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