What Did You Do this Weekend!

We spent the weekend with some of our dearest friends, The Campbells now of Greensboro, NC.  Austin and I used to work at the same office and slowly found out that we had just heaps of things in common.  I am so lucky to have had him in my life and I adore his wife Katherine.  They moved to North Caroline a year ago when Katherine was called to a parish there.  Austin writes a fun blog called 365 Days of Fly Fishing, a true dedication.  They had a whole host of fun activities waiting for us and it started with a winery tour.  After a yummy breakfast at Tex & Shirley’s and a little shopping we made our way to Stonefield Cellars.  They are volunteers there and we truly received a special tour, the host was wonderful and shared some of the special history about the cellar.  As you can see we decided to take a few home with us.  I can’t tell you haw amazing it was to share something we love with people we love.  Josh and I get to do so many fun things like this but we have to share it with other on this blog.  This time we made wonderful memories.  Stonefield also does a concert series, I hope we can make it back for another visit.  As I mentioned the Campbells are volunteers there, I didn’t realise things like that were available.  How fun does that sound!!!  Katherine will have a oppoertunty to bless the harvest there.  After that we went to a Greensboro Grasshoppers game, minor league baseball.  Even though we sweat the entire night it wa a blast and they won!.

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