Dude Fest

After some wholesome fun with the Campbells we moved onto Charlotte to see Bryan.  Bryan is Josh’s oldest friend, they have been buds since Cub Scouts and over the years their friendship has been a strong guiding force for each other.  We used to spend a week with Bryan every year but now we just catch him as we can, this is the first time we have been able to spend a day with him.  Bryan has alway been great about showing us unique and truly “Charlotte” places on our visits.  He reads the blog, we get some help from time to time with content for our posts.  He took us to Lupie’s Cafe for a bite and some chatting, Bryan was so kind to find a vegetarian friendly restaurant.  Next we hit up Common Market, tucked into the wonderful arty area of town is a crazy cool place.  We rolled into a Bodega with coolers full of amazing brews and shelves of organic grub.  I was in heaven, well the lack of AC was not fun but I managed,  the gems below helped.

They also have a bar with taps and wines by the glass.  The concept here is that you can buy the bottles and drink them in the lounge.  Now this is a great loop in the liquor laws.  He showed us a few others like this.  Actually that has been an interesting part of traveling, the variety in how beer is sold across the country.  But I digress, you clicked to here about DUDE FEST.

Yes we did attend Dude Fest Charlotte a charity festival celebrating all things manly.  Beer, music, motorcycles and hot wings.  We had a blast wondering around the three venues listening to bands, we really came to see Truckstop Preachers.  Josh and I are huge Rock A Billy and hard country music fans, I still can’t belive we only paid $15 to see them.  We spent the evening hooting and hollering at the stage shows including a Burlesque Troup.  Being around Bryan is a good for the soul as a vacation.

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