First Visitor

What a wonderful treat we had today, we hooked up with our first visitor. Josh’s childhood friend, and wedding usher, Bryan drove to meet us for lunch on the road. It became an experiment in communication as well. We had planned out a route the night before and found a spot that he could make it too. All we had to do was hope for the best timing. That would have been easy if this morning had not turned into some trouble. We sleep in a bit and had a quick workout, after breakfast the plan was to visit a flee market across that street from our hotel. Yes my husband is wonderful and we are that far south. However all those years of not having cable television still gets us and after watching a dog show that I am certain I have seen before there was not time to look at the flees. We had to make a visit to a truck stop and get a bunch of stuff done, it would be an hour long stop. After getting all almost everything (fuel up, weight in, adjust the load and buy parts and maps) done with the truck Josh was changing a light and they went pop! We had no running lights, so a few calls later we were down the road heading to Penske. No worries it was just a fuse and we were back on track. Meet up with Bryan and he took me to a Verizon to replace my phone. Three days without texting is just about too much for me. Bryan had some trouble finding us and getting to our stop. From the map it looked like a breeze but when you use two different highways it is a whole new ballgame.

Lunch was wonderful, this was really just a visit for me since Bryan and Josh has spent the last week together. Tat is why he didn’t come with me.

Things learned in the last few days: ask exactly were you can park at the hotel, Wal-Mart is harder to get to then you think, you can sneak dogs into hotels 🙂

Also if you are going to get the chance to meet up with us on the road please bring a mix CD for us to enjoy.

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