Rolling in the Country

Ramada Inn – yes how do I express my disappointment in the Ramada Inn. A hotel that still hangs onto the tails of when it was a popular chain with sweeping staircases in the lobby. First our room key did not work, then the room had not been made up, they moved us next door, into two full sized beds, the gym did not open till 10:00 AM, the pool was closed, the free breakfast consisted of three items and cereal. Note we did get the stay for under $60 but wow it was just one thing after another.

Because of the lack in gym we decided to take the dogs for a long walk, after about a half mile the houses started to be….well how do I put this. They started to become less of houses and more of pieces of housed tacked together. It was interesting. So our walk ended with a jog back to the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Willa did on the jog, she was having a blast. Pippi on the other hand had to be encouraged a little to keep up. Her chubby little butt needed it!

Today we are on the way to Melbourne, FL to stay with a wonderful friend of mine. A photographer I have worked with for years. We have time to take tomorrow morning off and get some thing done. The list is, get Pippi to the groomer, laundry and finally hit a Wal-Mart!!!!!

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