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Well it’s about time I talk about the other blog Josh and I write; Dining Out With Two American Nomads.  Our travels take us to some pretty good food but also some terrible.  We do eat out almost all of our meals and we decided that it might be a good way to get some help finding the unknown gems in new areas.  I write about our experience, about the food and staff.  It’s more than just a review blog it’s about what we got out of the dinning experience.  We hope that with enough following we may even find friends to dine out with.

This blog has led us to meet a few folks and I hope for more.  You can see that latest posts on the feeder sidebar here too.

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  1. We are dog people, but know you will get loads of followers. Saw the film Julia and Julia recently where a good blog resulted in the writer being published. Hope same happens to you.

    Hector and Bonny

    PS: Love to Pippi

    1. Thanks guys, we wanted to do something to help other travelers. I think it’s hard to be objective about restaurants in your own neighborhood. There is always some other emotional connection to meal.

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