Smoke on the Water

We have traveled home this weekend to attend a funeral, I am just not ready to post about that yet, but I will share a little about our visit with family.  Josh’s uncle Mike, the one in the middle, plays in a band and we got to town just in time to make their gig.  Now talk about surprise!  He didn’t realize we would be in town.  If you look behind Josh’s head that is the reflection of the lights and sky on the river.  What a perfect night, live music and watching the boats.

Yes I do make everyone take silly photos, there is a nice Art Walk along the Mississippi in Dubuque now.  This is really in thanks to the development of a Museum, Waterpark and Casino.  They are all really making Dubuque shine.  I do consider Dubuque home, a few years back I remember leaving town to return to Minnesota and feeling as thought I was leaving home.  I know that is in part to my wonderful in-laws and my love of Illinois.

Josh’s grandmother was also there, we have missed her on our last few visits back..  We spent most of the evening chatting with her.

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