Not a Fat Dog

We got some wonderful news last week, Pippi’s is not on the verge of keeling over and dieing. When we took her to the vet a year ago he scolded us about her weight and said she needed to drop a pound. He was afraid of her becoming diabetic or any number of issues. This has been a heavy thought in my mind. You all understand how special she is and I would do everything possible to keep her safe.

Well it turns out that Vet thought she was a Schnauzer! Our new wonderful Vet in Detroit thinks she looks great, very healthy. I can’t tell you how good that was to hear.

4 thoughts on “Not a Fat Dog

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  1. A Schnauzer! A Schnauzer! What kind of vet was he?? Pippi is a georgeous Scottish Terrier, a great representative of the breed (which is a short legged, sturdy dog) – sack the vet!!!!

    (Affronted) Hector and Bonny

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