My Favorite Things

I was a bit inspired for this post by a friend from work who did the first big closet purge after being on the road. She works on similar tours and spends long stretches living out of her suitcase like we do. However she is facing some other milestones; an upcoming birthday, her boyfriend is... Continue Reading →

It’s All About the Apps

For those who know us well, the appearance of our phones and iPads is not unusual.  My phone is my office, my link to all things work.  I thought it might be fun to share of a few of the apps we can't live without that might be a bit unique. Mail tracking apps (USPS,... Continue Reading →

Doing the Purge

What better way to celebrate my 1000th post then to write Travel Tuesday.   I was a bit inspired this week by the weekend closet purge performed by a friend. She also works for MRA and spends long stretches living out of her suitcase like we do. However she is facing some other amazing milestones,... Continue Reading →

Staying Fit On The Road

My in-laws recently took on a weeklong road trip with their oldest grandson; upon conclusion one of the comments about the experience was how hard it had been to eat vegetables when dining at restaurants.  I had a chuckle, we often feel the same way, staying fit and healthy on the road is a real challenge.  So many things can... Continue Reading →

More Tips When Hitting The Road

This is another post that is focused on helping folks who are new to the experiential marketing tour industry but anyone hitting the road could use. How we live is much different that those traveling for pleasure or in an RV. There are always a string of questions we get once someone learns just how... Continue Reading →

Enjoying Our Eats

While we have made an effort in 2015 to change our diets a little, cooking in kitchenettes more and choosing the deli at a grocery store, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy a good meal out.  There are a few restaurants that we frequent, pretend to be "regulars".  Ahhh, being a regular, as an adult... Continue Reading →

Being Normal

Not only was our trip to Bonaire a vacation from work but also it was a vacation from our lifestyle. There are so many amazing parts of living on the road however we both get very tired of eating all our meals at restaurants. This was one of the reasons we rented a condo vs.... Continue Reading →

Home Improvement

My folks are currently undertaking a small remodeling project, small because they have made the most out of their small house.  My parents still live in the house the purchased just after getting married, but it hardly resembles the one I grew up in.  After years of planning they have undertaken a few improvements and... Continue Reading →

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