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My folks are currently undertaking a small remodeling project, small because they have made the most out of their small house.  My parents still live in the house the purchased just after getting married, but it hardly resembles the one I grew up in.  After years of planning they have undertaken a few improvements and additions.  I had the chance to come over and help them out on some of the wiring work before the real fun comes.


Look closely and you can see my dad
Look closely and you can see my dad

This got me thinking about how far off we are from our friends who are also now starting these same sort of projects on their own first or second homes.  We sold our house five years ago and don’t miss having a place of our own.  However this doesn’t mean that we don’t talk a bit about what kind of “dream” home we might look for some day.  While I don’t think I will even have a version of the Victorian doll house I loved as a kid I can’t really imagine having a home now.

Remember to put your toothbrush away before cutting a whole in he ceiling.
Remember to put your toothbrush away before cutting a whole in he ceiling.


***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***


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  1. That second photo is of something any of us GUYS would do. Obviously your mom was not aware of what was going on or she would have done the GAL thing and made sure the bathroom was cleared of things first. GUYS don’t get it, and we never will.
    Men are about doing. Women are about sequences leading up to doing. They rarely ever go together in harmony.
    Chalk one up for your dad in the GUY column.

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