Doing the Purge

What better way to celebrate my 1000th post then to write Travel Tuesday.


I was a bit inspired this week by the weekend closet purge performed by a friend. She also works for MRA and spends long stretches living out of her suitcase like we do. However she is facing some other amazing milestones, an upcoming birthday, her wonderful boyfriend is starting his new career, and she is at year one on the road. This led to some inspired evaluation of her closet and dresser. Josh and I did our major purge more than six years ago when we moved out of our house but I can relate. We still seem to get rid of items at every turn, where does it all come from? I’m certain that I’ve written about this subject before but upon starting this job we got some great advice from a couple who at the time was starting their eighth year. Give until it hurts. It took us a full year to be ready to move out of and put our house on the market, cleaning out closets until it was took much or was too emotional. We didn’t try to push any further and would stop. This is also why we have some random things in the closet. While they are probably never going to get worn, or for some taken out of a dust bag, they just can’t be parted with. I still have a dress I wore to a formal in college, the shirt Josh had on for our first date, a navy blue suit that probably doesn’t fit, and Josh’s Marine Corp uniforms. The thought of parting with them hurts so I don’t. However each time we are home things that got taken out of the suitcase and put in a drawer usually then make the “Goodwill” pile and as a side bonus other pitch items in knowing we are going to make the trip to donate. It all becomes a part of living this way.


I cherish the artwork we have picked up from our travels but not that sweater I needed when it snowed in Texas. Having to pack all your things into a suitcase or boxes gives them a different priority. Your style changes as you grow and life changes, let go of those things. When there is only room for one hoodie, you tend to pick just the right one. This takes the longest to figure out, there just isn’t room for things that aren’t functional. Or that’s just the excuse I use to own so much Lululemon.


Thank you all for the last 1000!!!

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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  1. I could not see myself doing a major cleanup. I’ve stayed in my house sine my husband died almost 23 years ago to avoid doing this horrible job. More power to you.

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