It’s All About the Apps

For those who know us well, the appearance of our phones and iPads is not unusual.  My phone is my office, my link to all things work.  I thought it might be fun to share of a few of the apps we can’t live without that might be a bit unique.

Mail tracking apps (USPS, UPS, and FedEx) – There are so many things coming and going while on tour, the only way I can keep track and assure we don’t miss anything while hotel hopping are these gems.  I will give one tip, sign up for accounts on all of them.  There are small benefits and backups of tracking that make life easier.

Evernote – The day we found Evernote was a revolution in how Josh and I co-managed tours.  This multiply platform app allows a user to share memos between devices and other users.  Two features make this so very useful to us; you can share more than just a text note (links, images, and countless others things).  I can create a “list that contains a map, links, text, and all is hyperlinked as needed. Second is how any user with access can edit and update.  There is also a lesser cloud function I find super handy when taking a word or excel file from iPad to the laptop for saving.  I do most of my coursework and work reports on my iPad.

Find my friends – With so many of our co-workers traveling like we do, it’s great to check in and see who is close or who might be moving nearby.

Ebates – This is loaded on both of our phones and iPads; it’s the best way to get cash back on hotels and well anything else you order.  If you aren’t familiar with Ebate, I’ve written about it before with a longer explanation.  You can sign up here

Pandora – We enjoy a wide variety of music and often program a station regionally as we are going.

WordPress  – Last but not least is the WordPress app (mostly iPad).  I cannot tell you how many posts I have lost over the years writing on a browser.  While that app has some formatting shortcomings it locally saves drafts when connectivity goes out.

Writing this post was a bit different from normal, I had help from some of my family.  You might notice that there are no social networking apps listed.  This was intentional, I don’t think you need an explanation of why we would find Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and the rest important.  This was part of what came up with while talking to my uncle and his savvy daughter.  They had different opinions on social networking apps and sites but had or didn’t have nearly the same ones loaded on their phones.  Two generations but not that  much different.

We kinda like Apple (this was posed but is still funny)
We kinda like Apple (this was posed but is still funny)

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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