More Tips When Hitting The Road

This is another post that is focused on helping folks who are new to the experiential marketing tour industry but anyone hitting the road could use. How we live is much different that those traveling for pleasure or in an RV.

There are always a string of questions we get once someone learns just how much we travel.  From how long, to do you like it; it’s understandable that how we can be normal while not living normally is interesting. So I’ve gathered a few questions to help newbies.

How do you get your hair cut? – I could say that I use Yelp, but it’s more than that.  I tend to use salons associated with Bumble and Bumble (it’s a sign of quality and training), then compare offerings on Yelp.  I have a PDF that I can show stylist of my preferred cut and a “color card”.

How do you fill prescriptions? – I would highly recommend Walgreens, they are the only service I have found that is completely interlinked.  Unlike say Walmart you don’t need to call ahead to have a prescription transferred, they can pull it up for you and accept our insurance.

How do you get your mail? – Nearly everyone starts using a mail service after thier first year.  I am referring to a UPS Store or a Mailboxes Inc, not a PO box.  There are lots of things that will not ship or bill to a PO box but will work just fine to one of these other services.  We have only used UPS Stores and while it is not a flawless service it works for us.

How do you do laundry? – After being on the road this long it is hardly a second thought but I was just asked this. Ninety percent of the time we use the washer and dryers at hotels.  Most of hte facilities we stay at have a guest laundry room, some like Candlewood Suites have free laundry (a great perk).  I would suggest using Tide pods or the like (saves you from accidents with other detergent formats) and storing your dirty laundry bag in the tractor’s sidebox if possible.  You may not realize it but your space will get stinky.  We also use a could of those little balls for gym shoes to help keep things from getting funky.  Quarters will become a hot commodity!

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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