Playing Around

Due to some mechanical issues today was our day off instead of the usual Sunday.  After running some errands we decided to head for a lake on the Oklahoma State University campus for some R&R.  I read a short article in Outdoor Photography magazine that got me all fired up to try a different technique. ... Continue Reading →

Whadda CAVE!!!

Now that we have gone fully "barefoot", what I mean is that I no longer use tennis shoes anymore, just my Merrell Barefoot shoes; it was time for another test. As you might recall we somewhat foolishly took a 4 mile hike before we were ready, well weeks later our feet and muscles have been... Continue Reading →

In My Bare Feet

If you looked at the images here before reading, you're probably wondering why I'm taking photos of shoes. Especially since I don't often promote products here. This isn't really a promotion but more of an explanation, we have started going Barefoot. I'm sure you have seen those funky shoes that go between people's toes around,... Continue Reading →

The Belize Chronicles – Birds

I'm thrilled to share with you even more shots from our vacation. Shots that were lost and have been found! For lunch during the full day dive trip we stopped at Half Moon Caye Natural Monument Park. This is home to a bird sanctuary for the Red Footed Booby. Josh was kind enough to tromp... Continue Reading →

Sledding We Go

Growing up in a rural Illinois town you would think that I would be well versed in the art of sledding that is not the case. My hometown is located just at the temperate line where snow falls but rarely sticks around for long. My brother and I would maybe get in one round of... Continue Reading →


We went for a hike today, before watching the Bears win, in Cuyahoga National Park.  We have run into issues with bringing dogs to National Parks but this one was full of them.  We met so many folks out for a stroll.  There were a few goals for this trip, to get some fall shots... Continue Reading →

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