Playing Around

Due to some mechanical issues today was our day off instead of the usual Sunday.  After running some errands we decided to head for a lake on the Oklahoma State University campus for some R&R.  I read a short article in Outdoor Photography magazine that got me all fired up to try a different technique.  I love messing with the Depth of Field in my photos and usually just pop on a 35 mm lens to get what I’m after.  This particular article was focusing on how to use a zoom lens for cool effects.  Well I have to say I do like what happened.

To view the entire set please feel free to visit our Shutterfly Site

9 thoughts on “Playing Around

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  1. You just made one very pretty dog look even prettier. My hooman complains that we a) never stay still for ANY effects (other than clicking the button and hoping) and b) run away extra quick as soon as flashy box is held to her face. This has lead her to sly operations such as holding (already switched on) camera behind back or hiding behind trees and in doorways to catch us. All this furtive business just makes us extra careful…

    We thinks you may have been laying down in front of Pippi for the middle one?

    Cool stuff

    Hector and gang

    PS Awwww, ain’t she cute!

    1. When Pippi was a tiny puppy I was still modeling, she would come with me most of the time for photo-shoots. I think it really helped in a long term way.


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