Sledding We Go

Growing up in a rural Illinois town you would think that I would be well versed in the art of sledding that is not the case. My hometown is located just at the temperate line where snow falls but rarely sticks around for long. My brother and I would maybe get in one round of sledding out at the farm a year. The lack of other kids to play with probably was a contributor. While my brother did play with me as a kid he is four years older and I am super un-cool. This sentiment is not shared with Josh’s family. Not only was sledding something looked forward to and strategized about, his siblings have stayed extra days on break to go sledding together. Now that the Van Gelder clan in getting bigger there is a whole new generation to share this love with. Even Mom and Dad suit up for the downhill activities. Trails are groomed using all sorts of techniques and finally the moment arrives when the kiddies and adults are loaded onto sleds and given a push. I’m happy to stay below and snap pictures; maybe helping a wee one back up the hill from time to time. It’s the little differences that make In-laws so special and the Holidays you share worth the driving.

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  1. Hey
    You should have taken a spin down the hill Abigail. Where is your sense of adventure?? LOL Looks like fun was had by all. Happy New Year!!

    Diana and Jazzi

  2. Next time get on that sled! Brings back childhood days in Virginia when the snows were deep, sledding great and you didn’t have to travel in it!

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. Thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane! I grew up in western Wisconsin surrounded by a large family (22 aunts and uncles, in total). We had sledding parties on a regular basis. I didn’t make it home for the holidays this year, but the next time I do I’m going to organize another sledding party. Like you said, there is are a bunch more relatives to indoctrinate!

  4. Abigail, thanks for catching Karlyn (Abigail’s mother-in-law) and your nephew, Jonas in their Calving and Hobbes moment.

    Wait till we get try the really big hill with the grandsons and YOU! Ha! Ha!

    Love to you both, Papa Tom

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