Barefoot This Winter

I'm not going to claim that I have been terribly active as the temps have started lowering, even though the weather here in Michigan have been wonderful. When the air gets cool and before the snow falls I'm in heaven. Keep it at about 45 for me. I do try to go for a run... Continue Reading →

Sledding We Go

Growing up in a rural Illinois town you would think that I would be well versed in the art of sledding that is not the case. My hometown is located just at the temperate line where snow falls but rarely sticks around for long. My brother and I would maybe get in one round of... Continue Reading →

Where have we been!

After spending the first part of our Holiday break sick and traveling it was time to settle in for some relaxation. Well not exactly we have been avoiding all outside contact in order to put in new flooring in the house. Takes just a day to put in huh! What about the two days of... Continue Reading →


We have talked a few times about the perks of this job and of the difficulties, but this week has been the test. We are stuck in Detroit until the 23rd doing shows but we were given the chance to go see the Red Wings. Our boss shared some amazing tickets with us and anyone... Continue Reading →

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