Rocky Mountain High

Life is still pretty crazy but getting some of that out last week really helped.  My dad is still in the hospital but dramatically improving, today we moved without a walker and we are going to see him next week.  Josh and I are not currently on the same tour.  I am working on Reflections... Continue Reading →

Playing Solider

Soon after taking this job we passed by a park that was full of tanks, helicopters and bunkers.  While going by at 60 mph I didn’t really see what it was but knew that it looked fun.  Last week we were taking an exit to our hotel when lo and behold there it was, The... Continue Reading →

No Grapes Here

I met back up with Josh in Boston earlier this week where we spent the first part out in the Concord area.  It was a very nice welcome back staying at the Concord Colonial Inn right in the middle of the historic downtown.  We usually stick to chain hotels to earn points but this looked... Continue Reading →

Honest Abe in Louisville

We had some time to track down an Abraham Lincoln monument when we were in Louisville.  It is located in the riverfront park; which by itself is wonderful.  Full of fountains, art and open fields it's easy to find a spot of peacefulness in the city.  The Lincoln Monument is located in the newer section... Continue Reading →

Guns and Horses

Ask a little boy what he wants to do on his birthday and you might hear "shoot guns and ride horses".  Ask Josh what he wants to do on his birthday and we did hear "shoot guns and ride horses".  Josh's birthday was Saturday, the day of the funeral, and much of his family stuck... Continue Reading →

Another Festival

We spent the weekend in Owosso, MI for the Curwood Festival.  We had the truck in a parade and then open after for festival attendees.  During our lunch break we found some time to stop by the exhibits and "encampments", yes I said encampments.  It was pretty cool to see the way the community comes... Continue Reading →

This is the life

Here is the cute little cabin we stayed in last week, the perfect little vacation from hotels every night.  The cabin had electricity so I was able to work from the porch when enjoying the birds (and the neighbors).  Josh was able to break in his fly rod from Christmas.  He went out a couple... Continue Reading →

What A Week

After the amazing week we just had, I have tons of images and stories to share with you. For now you will have to wait we are heading to Mont Pelier. Hopefully we will also make it to a Verizon Wireless so I can get a new Blackberry, The camera failed a week ago and... Continue Reading →

Garden Festival

We are back out on tour and back in the DC area.  After wrapping a wonderful show in Saturday we headed to our favorite city to see my girlfriends.  It was a lovely day and perfect weather, we were hoping to go for a hike.  Well that didn't happen; my buddy Elisabeth got tired up... Continue Reading →

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