Garden Festival

We are back out on tour and back in the DC area.  After wrapping a wonderful show in Saturday we headed to our favorite city to see my girlfriends.  It was a lovely day and perfect weather, we were hoping to go for a hike.  Well that didn’t happen; my buddy Elisabeth got tired up with family.  Being that we were almost to DC we decided to just stop in a city with a historical marker.  Leesburg had a sign for a historic downtown so with rumbling tummies we went.  Boy oh boy did we get lucky, the city was bustling with a huge festival.  The Leesburg Garden Festival, with live music vendors and the most amazing garden displays we felt pretty lucky.  We wandered around just enjoying the sights, went in to a wine shop for a tasting of Chilean wines.  We are going to have something new to teach our boat mates.  Even found a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

At the wine shop we found a book called the “Sipping Point”, got a giggle off that one since we just finished listening to “The Tipping Point”

What a perfect day.

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