Loyal Patron

We wrapped up our year-long tour with the Library of Congress on Sunday and were greeted again by those delightful little stink bugs once we hit Virginia. It was an instant reminder we really have been gone for a year. Saturday was a much tougher than I had expected; so many friendly faces and hugs to be found. I’m not a terribly sentimental person but when the Librarian of Congress comes by to thank you for your work the past year it’s a bit over whelming.

Closing each tour is a little sad but after you’ve done it a few times the sting goes away. We have enjoyed working with the Library of Congress a great deal but being able to wrap up the project has its pluses too.  I have a TON of paperwork to clean up and recaps.

We are spending time with our families over the next few weeks and going to see friends. I will probably be telling a few more stories. But right now I am just unplugging.

Pippi is Getting Famous

A few weeks back a photo of Pippi won a monthly contest and now an image from that same set will be used in a travel guild.  I am sure you can understand how exciting this is for us.  We have done some of our photos published before but all in Funeral industry magazines or the like.  This is something we took for fun and not for work!!!  Here is the link

Big Winner

Photography is a part of my job but it is also a hobby, obviously since the bulk of this blog is photos.   After modeling for year is was no stretch that I would get behind the camera and since I can’t really take my sewing machine in the truck I have found something to fill my time.  I don’t take all the photos we post or use for work but I edit them, that is what I really enjoy.  I have from time to time entered photos into online competitions, well we won one!!  Not exactly won but 11th place I’ll take.  Especially since they get 100’s of entities each month.

So here it is, we placed 11th in the April PamperedPuppy.com contest.  I know many of you find this to be a favorite too!

Garden Festival

We are back out on tour and back in the DC area.  After wrapping a wonderful show in Saturday we headed to our favorite city to see my girlfriends.  It was a lovely day and perfect weather, we were hoping to go for a hike.  Well that didn’t happen; my buddy Elisabeth got tired up with family.  Being that we were almost to DC we decided to just stop in a city with a historical marker.  Leesburg had a sign for a historic downtown so with rumbling tummies we went.  Boy oh boy did we get lucky, the city was bustling with a huge festival.  The Leesburg Garden Festival, with live music vendors and the most amazing garden displays we felt pretty lucky.  We wandered around just enjoying the sights, went in to a wine shop for a tasting of Chilean wines.  We are going to have something new to teach our boat mates.  Even found a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

At the wine shop we found a book called the “Sipping Point”, got a giggle off that one since we just finished listening to “The Tipping Point”

What a perfect day.

The Big Show

All those crazy hours and work in DC were well worth it when we pulled into our event location. We set up our truck just below the US Capitol building!!! The morning started at 4:00 AM for us, I’m not too pleasant that early, the truck needed to be in place for clearance. After being cleared by the bomb sniffing dog it was go time. Talk about pressure, this is a hot spot on the mall. I didn’t realize how amazing our location was for a few hours, tired and dark outside.

The day was spent greeting guests for all over the world, a true pleasure to share the museum with so many people. As you can see a number of Capitol Police came by too. By the end of the day we had a nice little group of friends. I am not sure there will ever be a day as existing and exhausting. This is why we love our job, doing things like this is amazing.

Touching Tribute

There are few words that an describe the feeling when stepping into the rotunda of Abraham Lincoln’s Monument in DC. Josh and I had never found the chance to spend much time there. As most of you know we are Lincoln buffs and feel a deep connection to him. We often think of him and Mary as distant relatives. The massive structure looks so cold and dark as you climb the steps, just as you reach the top it opens up with light and warmth. We didn’t get a great picture from the location but the emotions will last a lifetime. This truely is a touching tribute to American’s greatest president.