Roughing It

With the high tech bag of gear like we have camping is never roughing it, my mother would beg to differ; however this week will certainly not be tough.  Instead of getting a hotel we found a national park that had cabins.  All of the fun of camping with a shower, power and a bed.  I feel a little silly sitting on the porch of cabin writing this but hey I can relax however I see fit.  Right now Josh is out fly fishing while I edit photos.

Instead of hitting another Smithsonian in downtown DC we spent some time in the outskirts, little hiking and a visit to the NRA Firearm Museum, which I have mixed feelings about.  The facility itself is not designed to house a museum, many of the displays were hard to see and read.  The flow left much to be desired, you sort of wonder around not sure if you saw everything and the firearms displays are a crowded.  Maybe I was expecting more being that we went to the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody that has an enormous gun section.  With that said it was a very nice explanation of how the NRA developed, how they have influenced sporting and what important roles firearms have played in America’s history and shaping its people.  Guns can be a controversial and a deeply emotional thing.  I personally don’t own a gun, Josh does and I was raised around them.  I know how to shoot and am a staunch supporter of gun owner’s rights.  I think that often surprises people but you forget where I was raised, deer opener was a school holiday.  My fondest childhood memories with my father involve going hunting or shooting with him.  As for the NRA Museum, I would recommend Cody but if you’re bored it only takes an hour or so.

These are items from the New HBO miniseries The Pacific

Here are samples of the Kentucky Long Riffle, like Josh made

Got to love a canon

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