We went for a hike today, before watching the Bears win, in Cuyahoga National Park.  We have run into issues with bringing dogs to National Parks but this one was full of them.  We met so many folks out for a stroll.  There were a few goals for this trip, to get some fall shots for my mom, get a good shot of Pippi and enjoy some time off.  While it took forever to reach the trail, due to a marathon going on it was worth it.  The trail we picked, Brandywine Falls, was very busy and amazing.  We were able to get great shots.  I am going to share one right now but I have so many more.

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  1. Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the only urban national park (not including Historic National Parks) in the U.S. It’s a really great place to hike and get away from civilization.

    Glad you enjoyed. It’s one thing we Ohioans are pretty proud of. We don’t have a lot to be proud about. 🙂

    Brandywine Falls are beautiful. We’ve stayed in an inn which is right next to it. Fun place.

    See you SOON!


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