Almost Under the Sea

In 2010 we traveled most of the East Coast with the knowledge that there would be a stop in Atlanta, GA. When we know our schedule we do quite a bit of pre-planning to make sure that we have the best use of our downtime in each city. When Atlanta popped up I was determined... Continue Reading →

Houdini Did It

What is there to do in Appleton, WI during winter? We certainly enjoyed the mall there, much nicer than I expected. But how long can you spend at a mall? So instead if spending our time hunting the isles of Macy's for a deal we headed to an area museum. What could be a better... Continue Reading →

Seeking Elvis

How can you stop in Tupelo without going to Elvis' Boyhood home? You can't. Last Sunday we took a drive over to see the spectacle. Honestly the whole place was much more tasteful than I expected it to be. The actually museum wasn't while were there, but that is where the tour starts. You then... Continue Reading →

Fly by Night-ish

Well if you are going to visit the Navy's Aviation Museum then it is only fair to also trek over to the Army's. Actually funny timing, our next stop put us just 20 miles from the U.S Army Aviation Museum. A much smaller but well done museum. Each aircraft on display was a pristine example.... Continue Reading →

Fly by Night

The perfect way to follow up our visit to the WWII Museum was with the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL. It is located on the base where Navy Pilots are trained, while I didn't leave with a Richard Gear look-a-like it was a fantastic facility. When I say this place is hands on... Continue Reading →

Living Legacy

Now I don't want anyone to think for a moment that we didn't enjoy our trip to New Orleans. This city has a culture that is truly unique and stands on it's own. There is only one place like it. We did enjoy the food and the music; hitting the clubs nearly every night to... Continue Reading →

A “Monumental” Weekend

We have now spent three days lounging around and have another left, four days off in a row! Now we are not actually just lying around, we've been out to have a little fun and culture. There have been two trips to the crazy Galleria Mall for gift shopping. With Father's Day, Josh's Birthday and... Continue Reading →

AAM – Day 3 (fin)

Ugg, so now that the convention is completed I have all the time in the world to stew about all the things I didn't do. That darn hindsight, gets you every time. The Library of Congress exhibit is not scheduled by requests, so many of the folks we talked too were only looking for that... Continue Reading →

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