Almost Under the Sea

In 2010 we traveled most of the East Coast with the knowledge that there would be a stop in Atlanta, GA. When we know our schedule we do quite a bit of pre-planning to make sure that we have the best use of our downtime in each city. When Atlanta popped up I was determined to go to the Georgia Aquarium. This also meant we would skip a few other aquariums and save that experience for Atlanta. Well the day came and went leaving no time for us to see the little fishies. In 2011 our tour was going to once again put us near Atlanta and again we didn’t have a moment to spare to see the little fishies. Well last week we had moment, we had an entire day and you can bet that we spent it with the fishies. Thousands of beautiful creatures all in one place.

It was amazing! While going on a Saturday might not have been ideal, it was crowded, there were only a few places where you felt packed in. (Like a Sardine, LOL)

We spent most of the day there but the section that held us captive was called Ocean Voyager. The huge tank is packed with sharks, rays and more types of fish than you can count. You can even dive in that tank, trust me I begged Josh, for the bargain rate of $350. Needless to say I didn’t dive with the sharks.

It was nice to just be a kid again, walking around with huge eyes and a silly smile.

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