Coming This Week: February 22nd – 28th

We made is safely to Florida, although with our busy days last week I missed out on my Texas Kolachi!!  So sad.  We hot both Pensacola and Atlanta this week.  Next week is exciting, we have a new city, Morehead City, NC.  There is also an old favorite, Huntsville, AL.  Looking forward to seeing some friends and hopefully finally visiting the NASA museum.  After that we are heading for Virginia.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the week: Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – Buick City


Week in Review: What a crazy week!!! It was the finally week before we launched and while i thought we had three days of work it turned into five.  Oh well.  We got rolling.  The trailer looks amazing and we added a crazy amount of functions.  I am really excited for 2015.  While in Texas we also got to see family.  Had a lovely but quick dinner with the wonderful Bairds.  My buddy Scott from South Texas was also in town and spend the evening having a few beers and telling tales with us.


Fun Photo of the Week:


Pippi and one of her admirers

Pippi and one of her admirers

Coming This Week: April 27 – May 3

Some last minute changes to the schedule and we are going to get another week with friend visits, we spent most of our time off last week with dear friends.  So this week will see us in Oak Ridge, KY, Huntsville, AL and Atlanta, GA.  Very excited about all of these.  Coming next are two crazy weeks in Florida with lots of moving about.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

I’m taking qualitative analysis class this term and these work load it tough, that and a ton of moving around has left you all with much to see.  We have to so many great spots that I can’t wait to share!!!!

Coming This Week: October 28 – November 3

We are starting our final few weeks of shows before the 2013 tour year end for us. The next few weeks will be a bit crazy and fast paced. We start out in Greensboro (visiting friends before the push), a show in Charleston, SC and one near Atlanta. Weekend plans to be determined but they will be limited because we move to Florida next for a shows at the Kennedy Space Center and then over to Clearwater with a push up to Huntsville, AL.

Notes from last week: We are hid out from the first few days of Hurricane Sandy in Greensboro with our friends The Campbells. Got in lots of hugs with their newborn.


Almost Under the Sea

In 2010 we traveled most of the East Coast with the knowledge that there would be a stop in Atlanta, GA. When we know our schedule we do quite a bit of pre-planning to make sure that we have the best use of our downtime in each city. When Atlanta popped up I was determined to go to the Georgia Aquarium. This also meant we would skip a few other aquariums and save that experience for Atlanta. Well the day came and went leaving no time for us to see the little fishies. In 2011 our tour was going to once again put us near Atlanta and again we didn’t have a moment to spare to see the little fishies. Well last week we had moment, we had an entire day and you can bet that we spent it with the fishies. Thousands of beautiful creatures all in one place.

It was amazing! While going on a Saturday might not have been ideal, it was crowded, there were only a few places where you felt packed in. (Like a Sardine, LOL)

We spent most of the day there but the section that held us captive was called Ocean Voyager. The huge tank is packed with sharks, rays and more types of fish than you can count. You can even dive in that tank, trust me I begged Josh, for the bargain rate of $350. Needless to say I didn’t dive with the sharks.

It was nice to just be a kid again, walking around with huge eyes and a silly smile.