So Much to See

Well we have been gone from DC for a few weeks now and with a busy tour schedule I have been lazy. So here is a general collection of what we did in our nations capital.

During a show at Fort McHenry, we took a short break and looked round. These are cannons that sat watch to defend the fort.

Josh really liked the big cannons.

On one of our days off we took a trip to The United States Marine Corp Museum, it was a wonderful trip and one of my favorite places. I am coming off a transporter at Iwo Jima.
Josh reminiscing when he stood beside that bus on the yellow footprints.
I think this look is a mixture of pride and fear.
Lego statue of the flag raising at Iwo Jima
As part of a site check for a potential show we got to tour Soldiers Home, the place where the Lincoln Family spent their summer months. Josh and Loyd are saying hello to Abe.
Having a blast in Georgetown with Josh, we went shopping and had a wonderful lunch. I love the Georgetown district so much.

Last Smithsonian

The last Smithsonian we were able to visit was the National Portrait Gallery. I had no idea what was in store for us, a true highlight of the trip. It was filled to the brim with a collection of Americans that have shaped our nation in so many different ways. The first section we found was a large collection of photographs of Civil War celebrities, I have a warm squishy place for those who frontiered an art form so dear to me. This area lead into an exhibit of photographs and painting depicting the military personnel whose names are almost common place references to us. The next levels and halls are bustling with portraits of political heroes, social icons and brave Americans. The special exhibit were just a warm up for the best section. An exhibit of photographs of Abraham, at one point I was brought to tears looking into my eyes. He is so deeply connected to us now it was hard not to feel the pain in his eyes. We finished up by viewing the collection of official Presidential Portraits. Again George Washington was quite the figure and a great area on the two Roosevelts. I personally like George Bush’s and think Bill Clinton looks smarmy in his. It was an exhausting trip but wow!

Some of What We Saw

One bit of advice about the Smithsonian Museums, start in the exhibits you want to see not the ones that are first. We started on the first floor with is dull of exhibits that focused on industrialisation of American, now we just went thought this exhibit at the Ford Museum. Actually the section is sponsored by GM. We made out way the the America at War exhibit; amazing! I have to tell you have a historic crush on George Washington. I can’t images what a presence that man had in a room full of politicians while suited in the uniform. While we were walking across the hall to see the exhibit on the Presidents, i.e. Lincoln, the museum closed. So instead of seeing the only part I wanted to visit we took our time on area that we breezed through. Way would we stop to visit the display of Lincoln document on loan from the Presidential Library. The copies are in our truck!!! Oh well, I will get to see it someday. All and all it was a wonderful day, on my previous visit to DC the Museum of American History was still being remodeled.

Something to See

I thought is was about time to start sharing with everyone what we have been doing in DC on our time off. We split the shifts of most days with the other couple, Lynn and Loyd, leaving us free to spend mornings running around the city. Washington DC is the the Mecca of free museums and knowledge. Almost everyday we found someplace we could run into. Our first visit was to the National Gallery, yeah hard to guess that one. I was most interested in seeing the sculpture gallery and the early American section. Josh like Impressionism and the European Masters.

Visitor Highlights From the Inaguration

With the Lincoln truck being set up in such a nice location we were able to bring in lots of diverse visitors. Like most locations there were a few that stuck with me.

These are two boys from The Netherlands, two young and talented journalists. After completing a school project with a journalist for the Reformatoisch Dagblad, Jan Reijnoudt and writing over a year and a half ago an article and Barack Obama they were given the chance to come to the inauguration. I have no doubt this will change their lives and be a lasting experience to shape them for years to come. They are already celebrities locally and now there is not stopping them. I feel a joy to have met them and Jan.

Yeah that is me and Tom Hanks, he was so nice and took pictures with everyone. Too bad I didn’t drop a hint about working on the WWII mobile tour. He is on the board for the museum in New Orleans.
Most famous of all was Flat Stanley, he rears from North Carolina!!
Another special visitor was a blogger sharing her experiences with the museums in DC. She even wrote about us, we look forward to fallowing her adventures.