So Much to See

Well we have been gone from DC for a few weeks now and with a busy tour schedule I have been lazy. So here is a general collection of what we did in our nations capital.

During a show at Fort McHenry, we took a short break and looked round. These are cannons that sat watch to defend the fort.

Josh really liked the big cannons.

On one of our days off we took a trip to The United States Marine Corp Museum, it was a wonderful trip and one of my favorite places. I am coming off a transporter at Iwo Jima.
Josh reminiscing when he stood beside that bus on the yellow footprints.
I think this look is a mixture of pride and fear.
Lego statue of the flag raising at Iwo Jima
As part of a site check for a potential show we got to tour Soldiers Home, the place where the Lincoln Family spent their summer months. Josh and Loyd are saying hello to Abe.
Having a blast in Georgetown with Josh, we went shopping and had a wonderful lunch. I love the Georgetown district so much.

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