Last Smithsonian

The last Smithsonian we were able to visit was the National Portrait Gallery. I had no idea what was in store for us, a true highlight of the trip. It was filled to the brim with a collection of Americans that have shaped our nation in so many different ways. The first section we found was a large collection of photographs of Civil War celebrities, I have a warm squishy place for those who frontiered an art form so dear to me. This area lead into an exhibit of photographs and painting depicting the military personnel whose names are almost common place references to us. The next levels and halls are bustling with portraits of political heroes, social icons and brave Americans. The special exhibit were just a warm up for the best section. An exhibit of photographs of Abraham, at one point I was brought to tears looking into my eyes. He is so deeply connected to us now it was hard not to feel the pain in his eyes. We finished up by viewing the collection of official Presidential Portraits. Again George Washington was quite the figure and a great area on the two Roosevelts. I personally like George Bush’s and think Bill Clinton looks smarmy in his. It was an exhausting trip but wow!

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