Visitor Highlights From the Inaguration

With the Lincoln truck being set up in such a nice location we were able to bring in lots of diverse visitors. Like most locations there were a few that stuck with me.

These are two boys from The Netherlands, two young and talented journalists. After completing a school project with a journalist for the Reformatoisch Dagblad, Jan Reijnoudt and writing over a year and a half ago an article and Barack Obama they were given the chance to come to the inauguration. I have no doubt this will change their lives and be a lasting experience to shape them for years to come. They are already celebrities locally and now there is not stopping them. I feel a joy to have met them and Jan.

Yeah that is me and Tom Hanks, he was so nice and took pictures with everyone. Too bad I didn’t drop a hint about working on the WWII mobile tour. He is on the board for the museum in New Orleans.
Most famous of all was Flat Stanley, he rears from North Carolina!!
Another special visitor was a blogger sharing her experiences with the museums in DC. She even wrote about us, we look forward to fallowing her adventures.

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