Some of What We Saw

One bit of advice about the Smithsonian Museums, start in the exhibits you want to see not the ones that are first. We started on the first floor with is dull of exhibits that focused on industrialisation of American, now we just went thought this exhibit at the Ford Museum. Actually the section is sponsored by GM. We made out way the the America at War exhibit; amazing! I have to tell you have a historic crush on George Washington. I can’t images what a presence that man had in a room full of politicians while suited in the uniform. While we were walking across the hall to see the exhibit on the Presidents, i.e. Lincoln, the museum closed. So instead of seeing the only part I wanted to visit we took our time on area that we breezed through. Way would we stop to visit the display of Lincoln document on loan from the Presidential Library. The copies are in our truck!!! Oh well, I will get to see it someday. All and all it was a wonderful day, on my previous visit to DC the Museum of American History was still being remodeled.

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