We Were There – It is History Pt.2

I am finding it hard to express what it felt like to watch the swearing in and speech from the Mall. We stood there watching a Jumbotron and seeing what everyone at home did, it was freezing and we ran most of the way there, me in heels but all of that is a second thought. I was there, we were all there, silence would come over when anyone spoke from the podium, not a voice was heard in the crowds. When Presented Obama walked down the steps of the Capital Building it sounded like the Beetles were arriving. Standing there pushed together every word reached your ears with excitement and clarity. I personally enjoy Joe Biden’s speaking voice and that was just the beginning. The joy and excitement of all those around you was washing like a wave. As we all walked away there was no pushing, it was chaos but not chaotic. There are few times in your life you get a chance to feel love flowing freely like that and never in a crowd of strangers. And the day had just begun.

The Lincoln Monument behind us

Crowds in the street after the speech

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