Coming This Week: January 12th-18th

This is officially our first week back out on tour, just week was just a quick trip to Dallas to get the trailer ready to go.  We have arrived in the Bay Area and will remain here for two weeks before hopping down the coast to Los Angeles.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Step Out by Jose Gonzalez (Walter Mitty Soundtrack) This song makes me tear up, most just for its beauty but the scene from the movie that it was used in is my favorite, the one that took my breath away and made me see how my life is wonderful.  So thank you Jose.

Fun Phone Pic: The Christmas Scene front the bathroom at House on the Rock


A Review:  Last week we had a crazy journey with multiple flights, rebooks and cab rids to make it to Dallas.  The folks at Southwest are great and unlike MANY travelers we got there with our bags.

Had some time to see American Hustle, a great movie thoroughly enjoyed.

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