Coming This Week: January 12th-18th

This is officially our first week back out on tour, just week was just a quick trip to Dallas to get the trailer ready to go.  We have arrived in the Bay Area and will remain here for two weeks before hopping down the coast to Los Angeles.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Step Out by Jose Gonzalez (Walter Mitty Soundtrack) This song makes me tear up, most just for its beauty but the scene from the movie that it was used in is my favorite, the one that took my breath away and made me see how my life is wonderful.  So thank you Jose.

Fun Phone Pic: The Christmas Scene front the bathroom at House on the Rock


A Review:  Last week we had a crazy journey with multiple flights, rebooks and cab rids to make it to Dallas.  The folks at Southwest are great and unlike MANY travelers we got there with our bags.

Had some time to see American Hustle, a great movie thoroughly enjoyed.

Coming This Week: January 5th-11th

Best to start the year off with the wheels turning. After departing from our office in Detroit on Monday we will meet up with the Rohde & Schwarz truck in Dallas. Spending a few days there to get maintenance completed and the carpets cleaned will ease us into the first drive, to The Bay Area.

The tour launches Jan 14th with two weeks worth of shows in the South Bay but you can bet on a trip up to Petaluma to see our family.

Song of the Week: Elvis Presley Blues by Gillian Welch

Fun Phone Photo:


Review: Last week was our last week of vacation for a while, not that we are sad Rohde & Schwarz is sending us south!!!!  We did try to fill the week with some fun like visiting The House on the Rock and a few movie.

Coming This Week: May 20 – 27

Last week in California, its been real but I’m ready to move on. The mountains are calling. Next week takes us to beautiful Utah. There should be time for camping if we can get a spot somewhere.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Notes from last week: Still trying to strike a balance with my studies and work. Still putting things off until the last minute.

Coming This Week: April 14 -20

Boy am I glad to be heading out of the Southwest, this Midwestern girl just can’t take the heat. I actually travel with a very small bedside humidifier. Sunny California welcomes us back today with a drive to San Diego. We will spend half the week there before making for San Jose, a stop that see us through next week as well. I will be exploring San Jose by myself this week, Josh is going home to Iowa. The wedding of his cousin Seth to the lovely Abby will be wonderful event I’m sure.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps